In this day and age, everyone is on social media. If your salon business is not on social media, you are missing out on possible clients as well as possible networking connections. So what social media platforms should your salon be one, when should you post, what should you post? Check out our top 5 tips for a successful social media strategy for your salon.

Top 5 Tips for Social Media for Salons

1. What platforms should salons be on… Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube? It is not enough to be just on one or two social media platform because they all serve a different purpose. Twitter is an online news outlet that allows its user to use micro-blogs to post short snippets of information to their online community. Salons and stylists should use Twitter to alert their clients and potential clients of new deals, services, and industry news. Instagram is a platform for virtual storytelling. Instagram is great for posting pictures, videos, and sharing a story. Individuals and businesses should utilize Instagram to tell the story of their brand through pictures and videos. Facebook is a combination of long blogs and visual storytelling. Facebook should be a mini website the gives the all the information about the salon in a more creative way. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that users utilize by pinning style inspiration, recipes, and more to an online pin board. Salons should use Pinterest to inspire their clients and potential clients to want to try a new look and urge them to book an appointment. YouTube is a video sharing website that many individuals use as a resource to discover new things or learn a new skill such as cooking, makeup, or hairstyles. Salons can use YouTube to share hair tips and tutorials of how to do the latest hair styles.

2. What to post? Post pictures, videos, promotions, and specials. Salons can also post the latest trends, styles, industry news and of course their own personal works of art. Posting their latest creations helps build awareness for the salons and all of the services it offers. Posting helps excited and engage current and potential clients.

3. How often should salons post? Posting varies by platform. Posting pictures, videos, promotion, etc. on social media is essential to keeping the salon relevant. A good rule of them is to post at least once a day on Instagram and Twitter, and three times a week on Facebook.

4. How to maintain post? Posting during the day can be a hassle. The best way to manage your post is to take an hour or so and plan your posts. Another way to manage the salon’s post is to schedule some of the posts in advance some platform such as Facebook will allow businesses to schedule their post. Other platforms allow users to use programs that will post the content for them such as Hootsuite or Later.

5. How to manage post? Many social media platforms allow business pages to view their analytics of the page such as impressions, page views, engagement, likes, shares, the optimal time to post and more. Programs such as Hootsuite and Later gives business a more in-depth view of their pages analytics for a small monthly fee. These tools will help salons to understand how their client/followers reacted to their post. The analytics will also help determine what to post.

Can you implement some of our social media tips to grow your salon business? Let us know how you incorporate!! 

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