Top tips to taking Before and After Photos for Promoting your Salon.


Before and After photos was a simple way to make a strong impression online for your salon. Because it can show the difference that you have made for your clients.

Today, we have “Top tips to taking Before and After photos” for you to promoting your salon.




            Try to ensure that the lighting in both photos is as similar as possible and that your client is facing towards a light source. (If this is proving difficult, you can try to replicate lighting using apps such as filter on Instagram or your smartphone camera.)



2.Clean Background

            Using an uncluttered background will produce the best Before and After photos. For example, having your client stand against a plain wall in the salon.


3.“Show Us Your Smile”

            Help your clients with their pose, ensure that they are looking straight ahead in both before and after photos and also that you take the photos from the same angle. And try getting them to smile because A good smile means your clients looks happy with your service.

4.Get A Few Angles And Don’t Rely On Just One Photo

            Try taking a few different views of your clients to give the best overall depiction of your hard work service, for example, straight, side, behind. And be sure to take multiple shots so that you can choose the best later.


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